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     What people say about our work

"Vesko and Ivinela gave The Crediton World Music Choir two fantastic workshops here in Crediton, Devon. We had a hugely enjoyable time – as father and daughter they worked together extraordinarily well, with great skill and delightful humour.

Vesko was a patient and very clear teacher. He taught everything by ear, carefully teaching the pronunciation and tune of each part with his strong and clear voice. His accordion playing was both inspirational, transporting us straight to Bulgaria, and also very instructional, helping support us when we moved into harmony, which speeded up the learning process tremendously. The accordion accompaniment also helped give us a feel for the asymmetric rhythms we were working with.

Ivinela tirelessly translated her father’s Bulgarian and everyone loved her. We loved the songs too, the tunes, the harmonies and the exciting rhythms. We were even treated to a little dancing as they ably demonstrated the traditional folk dances that were danced to our songs.

The two of them kept us concentrating and applying ourselves for two full evenings in a row, for many people after a hard day’s work, simply because we were so involved in what we were creating – they brought the best out of us and have left us with songs we will enjoy continuing working on and performing for years to come.

Thank you for coming to Crediton in Devon and for sharing your culture, your songs, your talent for teaching and your delightful selves with us!"

Alise Ojay - Musical Director, Crediton World Music Choir, May, 2009

"Wonderful songs that filled my head all week!"
"Difficult but worth it"
"A very rewarding workshop"
"Really enjoyed experiencing a completely different style of singing"
"Challenging but great fun"
"Felt more bonded with Bulgaria through contact with Vesko and Ivinela. Heartfelt thanks"
"A great experience"
"What wonderful workshops - it was a real priviledge"
"Inspirational and great fun. Thank you!"
"You conquered our hearts ... and set out voices free" 
Members of Crediton World Music Choir

"Dear Ivinela and Vesko,

What a wonderful morning. It was so lovely to meet you both and the workshop was great. Everyone spoke very highly of you and people will be dancing for some time! Thank you."

Vicky Hadland, Musical Dierctor - Devonly Voices Community Choir


"Dear Ivnela and Vesko

THANK YOU so much for such an enjoyable day. I loved learning the songs and having a go at dancing too! I had some great feedback form some of the other singers too who really enjoyed you both!
I hope we can stay in touch as I am very interested in coming to Bulgaria on my own or maybe with a choir.
I hope you are both well and have good memories of your trip to Devon."

Claire Anstee, Musical Director - "A Company of Voices" choir; "Sing out!" workshops' leader