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Bulgaria is one of the oldest European States with 20-century-old history and traditions. Modern Bulgaria is situated in South-eastern Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula – a busy crossroad of ancient cultures.

Bulgaria is also known for its picturesque scenery and rich cultural heritage. According to the statistics, the country ranks third in Europe only after Greece and Italy for the number of its valuable archaeological monuments.

According the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972, there are 9 Bulgarian properties, inscribed on the World Heritage List. Seven of them are part of the cultural heritage and 2 are natural heritage.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Bulgarian lands keep lasting traces from different ages with rich traditions. Their location on a continental crossroad explains the intertwining mutual influences of the different cultures and religions of tribes having lived and crisscrossed the region. Getting in touch with the thousands of cultural messages, bequeathed to us by those living before us, is very exciting indeed. Invaluable is the cultural and historical heritage of ancient Thracians, Greeks, Romans and generations of Bulgarians, leaving through their achievements, interesting and useful information about their lifestyle, traditions and spiritual enlightenment.

Bulgaria has beautiful nature. Spacious plains, valleys and higher mountains are consecutively alternating. Vast sand beach strips and beautiful rocky coasts are situated along the coastal zone of the Black Sea.

Until a few years ago, Bulgaria was perceived as a mass tourism destination, thanks to its decent and relatively inexpensive seaside and winter resorts. In the meantime, because of insufficient information or ineffective advertising, foreign tourists would often leave the country unaware of its amazing heritage. Since the country became a member of the EU, the interest in Bulgarians, their history, traditions and folk music became keener.

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