Bulgarian Folklore Center

    About us

Who we are 

We are Vesko and Ivinela – a father and daughter who brought together their knowledge, experience and passion into this project.

Vesko Samuilov is a musician with 40 years of experience and a musical director of several folk (and other music styles) choirs in the region of Sevlievo, Bulgaria. Vesko plays accordion and piano and is well known in his home town as a musician and singer. He has studied conducting  of folk choirs at the Academy of music – Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Besides his work as a choirs' director, Vesko, at his own expense, is searching for and collecting authentic folk songs from his region with the purpose to notate, publish and thus – preserve this unique music for the generations ahead. To do this job he is going about the mountain villages to find out old people who may still remember authentic folk songs and to record them. So far Vesko has collected more than 200 songs, completely unknown to public.

Ivinela Samuilova has inherited her father’s love for music and has also acquired some practical skills in management and communications that she decided to invest in support of her father’s work. Watching her father’s dedication to preserve and popularize the folk heritage of Bulgaria and to educate (young) people in Bulgaria and people abroad about the richness of the Bulgarian culture and especially the folk music and realizing the invaluable worth of his work, Ivinela established a Folklore Center as part of the activities of her Foundation in Bulgaria in order to provide her father with a stable platform to work on a larger scale.   

Our Activities 

We offer a unique opportunity for you to join in a celebration of music, dance and traditions—an enjoyable learning experience in a professional but friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our greatest asset is the talent, passion and experience gathered in one place.

The activities we offer (so far) include:

- Folk music programs 

- Bulgarian folk music cultural holidays for choirs

- Bulgarian Folk Singing Workshops for choirs - SingBulgarian Project

- Folklore Team Building - Bulgaria

- Folklore Team Building_pdf 

If you follow the links you will find interesting readings (in Bulgarian) about the role of music in building a true team:

- Dissonance and Harmony: Why the excuse "I can't sing" is a myth, covering  an unconsciously learned dissonance on a personal level.

- The mystic of the Bulgarian horo dance: Why the Bulgarian horo is called "a sacred ritual of unity" and how it helped Bulgarian football team to win the 4th place at the Mondial in 1994.

- The healing power of singing: From the book of health of the world famous Bulgarian master Beinsa Duno.

- Foreign choirs/ensembles concert-tours organization (across Bulgaria)

We are planning to expand our activities and to offer also workshops on Bulgarian dancing and Bulgarian instruments' playing. The workshops will be run by qualified musicians and dance teachers, able to provide expertise and encouragement to you.

In addition to the instructions in vocal, instrumental and dance techniques, during the cultural holidays in Bulgaria we offer folk presentations to introduce the Bulgarian folk music and traditions to you, sightseeing tours, traditional Bulgarian cuisine and wine tasting, live concerts and incredible evening parties with live Bulgarian folk music and dances.

Claritas Foundation

Claritas Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit organization established by Ivinela Samuilova. The Bulgarian Folklore Centre project of the Foundation has the mission to educate the general public about the folk music, folk dance, and folk traditions of Bulgaria through promoting activities which honour and celebrate the richness of our culture; and to foster understanding and respect of all people through shared experiences and values in the spirit of the Bulgarian culture and folk music.

One of the main programmes of the Bulgarian Folklore Center is the programme Sing Bulgarian, designed to promote and share Bulgarian Folk Music with the world.You can visit Sing Bulgarian website by clicking HERE

Our Vision

- We will remain connected to the authentic traditions of Bulgarian folk music and dance while also being attuned to the ongoing trends of the cultural exchange worldwide.

- We will be open and welcoming to all people of all backgrounds who want to explore the Bulgarian folk traditions and the richness of our culture.

- We will maintain the highest possible degree of scholarship and teaching.

- We will be dedicated to meet the evolving needs of expanding cultural horizons across nations.